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Reclamations (RMA)

Our employees take special care of all tasks related to complaints and credit notes. Since this field of activity is very extensive, there are some agreements with our suppliers to which we have to adhere. In the following you will receive these agreements so that you too can find out in advance about certain procedures and the associated possible waiting times are informed. Many processes can of course also be accelerated. We, therefore, ask you to read this letter carefully.

Delivery in general

On delivery of our deliveries, all packages/pallets must be checked for completeness, correct addressing and external intactness. If a parcel has not arrived within 2 days or a pallet has not arrived within 3 days after goods dispatch, please notify our Service Desk immediately. We will immediately clarify the whereabouts of your delivery. In case of possible missing quantities please note the point "wrong delivery".

Request for the return number (RMA)

To obtain an RMA number, you must fax our RMA form, duly completed, with a copy of the invoice, to our Service Desk. Incorrectly completed RMA forms cannot be processed! Articles that we receive without an RMA number will be returned unprocessed.

Request for the return number (RMA)
  1. Wrong delivery (article does not correspond to the order)
  2. Incorrect delivery (article does not correspond to the delivery note)
  3. Incorrect order (article was ordered incorrectly by the customer)
  4. Cancellation (order has already been cancelled in writing)
  5. Transport damage (if complaint is made within 24 hours)
  6. Defective goods (complaints within approx. 6 months)
1. Wrong delivery (wrong order in general)

In general, it applies that incorrectly ordered and/or delivered goods must be in the original packaging. Furthermore, the packaging must be unopened and be undamaged, because otherwise, no return is possible, if once too little, too much or also wrong goods should have been delivered, please report this to us within 3 days after receipt of goods/delivery note to our service desk. Unfortunately, we cannot accept complaints made after this time. Please fill in Please fill out our RMA form.

2. Wrong delivery (article does not correspond to the order)

In the case of delivered goods which were not ordered by you or which do not correspond to your order, it applies that you should make a complaint within 3 days of receipt of the goods. This enables us to quickly deliver or exchange the goods. You will always receive a return authorization number (RMA) for the goods to be returned to A.D.R. Vertriebs GmbH. Without this number no returns can be accepted!

3. Incorrect order (article ordered incorrectly by the customer)

Incorrect orders, i.e. goods which you have ordered wrongly by mistake, must be complained about within 10 days of the delivery date. For wrong orders are always subject to a minimum of 15 % processing fee! It is not possible to take back already opened products. Please check therefore always check the goods for correctness before opening them.
If goods have been purchased especially for you (so-called X-products), the above-mentioned conditions do not apply! Here must be clarified then in the special case if we can take the goods back!

4. Cancellation

If you have already canceled an order over the phone, but it is already being delivered, please either refuse to accept it or inform our service desk within 2 days. You will then receive a return number, which will serve as a document for a credit note or an exchange of goods.

5. Transport damage

Please pay attention:

in case of obvious transport damage, this must always be noted on the freight documents of the carrier! Have the deliverer confirm that transport damage has occurred and, if possible, send a digital picture by e-mail to our service desk.
Goods will be delivered again as soon as the defective goods are back in stock. Deliveries that are not originally packaged (foil torn open, adhesive tape from a forwarding agent) are also considered to be transport damage.

Unfortunately, transport damage that has not been noted on the shipping document of the carrier cannot be processed.

5b. Hidden transport damage

In case of hidden a transport damage, which is only discovered after opening the carton or pallet, the damage must be reported within 24 hours. Also in this case, if possible, send a digital picture by e-mail to our service desk. Unfortunately, we cannot accept complaints at a later date. Therefore we ask you to check our deliveries immediately.

6. Defective goods / manufacturer warranty

In case you want to complain about defective goods, most manufacturers require a test print and/or at least an exact description of the defect to be enclosed. The description "defective" or "does not print" is not sufficient here! Some suppliers (e.g. QMS, Minolta and Brother) even do not accept complaints if a so-called "status report" of the device is not attached!


In this regard, it should be noted that A.D.R. Vertriebs GmbH is only a vicarious agent of the manufacturer and is bound by the manufacturer's specifications. Furthermore, we do not have any influence on the warranty processing of the manufacturer and can, therefore, make no statements on the period in which the warranty processing is completed. These companies exchange defective goods or usually credit us relatively quickly:

Canon / HP / Epson / Lexmark IC / Olivetti

At the following manufacturers we have to wait about 4 - 6 weeks for the exchange of goods or the credit note in case of defective goods. The more information about the defect is attached to the goods, the faster the complaint can be processed!

IBM / Brother / Sharp / Sony / Samsung / Panasonic

With Xerox and Tektronix you must have the complaints processed directly!

Detailed information can be found in the original packaging of the manufacturer and/or at the following telephone numbers:

Hotline Germany: 0180 / 500 43 92 (home/small devices)
Hotline Germany: 0180 / 512 31 18 (Tektronix/laser/large devices)
Hotline Switzerland: 0848 / 845107
Hotline Austria: 017956 / 7083

With QMS and Konica Minolta you must have complaints processed directly!
Helpdesk Germany: 0180 / 500 57 68
Helpdesk Switzerland: 0848 / 480080
Helpdesk Austria: 0800 / 292289

OKI Hotline Germany: 0180 / 565 44 357
OKI Hotline Austria: 02236 / 677 10 999
OKI Hotline Switzerland: 061 / 827 94 88

A.D.R. Vertriebs GmbH cannot or may not take back these articles! At OKI you must have the complaints processed directly! You can find more information here.

A.D.R. Vertriebs GmbH reserves the right to change or amend these terms and conditions of the Service Desk at any time. In all other respects, our general terms and conditions of business apply.

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